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Restorative Dentistry – Kingwood, TX

Rebuild Your
Beautiful Smile

When your oral health deteriorates, your smile suffers. Chipped, cracked, or missing teeth can negatively impact your smile and self-image. Don't let a worn-out smile prematurely age your appearance! Kingwood dentists Dr. Mosby and Dr. Caldwell can repair the damage and revitalize your smile.

Tooth-colored materials and modern advances allow us to create attractive repairs that bring back stability to your smile. From minor damage to complex cases, Dr. Mosby and Dr. Caldwell can correct your oral health problems with restorative dentistry in Kingwood. He will customize your restorations so that your smile will look and feel natural.

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Why Choose Kingwood Family Dentistry for Restorative Dentistry?

What if I Do Nothing?

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Whether you have a single cavity or several broken teeth, it’s always better for your oral health and wallet to repair any dental issues as soon as possible. Your teeth are unable to heal themselves unlike other parts of your body, meaning decay and damage will only get worse and cause more pain and dysfunction over time. Neglect can also allow a relatively minor issue to become much worse and require a costly procedure to fix. By being proactive, you can save both money and stress when it comes to your compromised teeth!

Dental Crowns

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A crown, also called a cap, fits over your whole tooth, strengthening and protecting the remaining tooth structure. To begin, Dr. Mosby or Dr. Caldwell will carefully reshape your existing tooth to remove decay and bacteria so that they can snugly fit the restoration. After Dr. Mosby or Dr. Caldwell prepares the tooth, they will take a mold and send it to a dental laboratory where a ceramist will create your custom crown. During the fabrication of your new crown, you will wear a temporary crown. When you return to our dental office, Dr. Mosby or Dr. Caldwell will position the permanent crown, make any adjustments, and cement it over your tooth.

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Model smile with inlay restoration

When a tooth develops a large area of decay, a filling might not be enough to fix the problem, but a crown could be overkill as well. Dr. Mosby or Dr. Caldwell may choose an inlay or onlay instead. Designed to restore more of the tooth, these restorations are like partial crowns that fit onto the teeth like puzzle pieces. With them, Dr. Mosby or Dr. Caldwell can repair a tooth while preserving as much natural enamel as possible, which is always best.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

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Natural-looking, tooth-colored fillings made from composite resin were created as an alternative to traditional metal fillings. Composite fillings are solid, durable, and offer attractive results. With composite fillings, you will also avoid the mercury found in traditional metal fillings.

Dr. Mosby and Dr. Caldwell customize composite fillings to match the color of your teeth, so the repairs blend with your existing smile. You won't need to worry about unsightly dark fillings or the leaks and cracks that often occur with metal fillings. Dr. Mosby and Dr. Caldwell place only composite fillings because they consider them the safest options for our patients.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

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For patients with complicated dental problems that involve multiple decayed, broken, and missing teeth, a full-mouth reconstruction can give their smile a new lease on life. Dr. Mosby or Dr. Caldwell can put together a personalized treatment plan that combines various restorative and cosmetic procedures to fully renew your teeth’s health, strength, and appearance. No matter what condition your mouth may be in right now, he can practically turn back the clock to restore your bite and confidence at the same time.

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